Simulation Activities

Activity Name
Activity Goals
ACTIVITY 1– Wooden Clock
  1. Getting comfortable with the 3D simulator and modeling environment
  2. How to zoom, pan, tilt and rotate an object in the 3D environment
  3. Making observations and turning in worksheets
ACTIVITY 2– Windmill Simulation Part 1
  1. 3D environment and Scenes
  2. Top View, End View, and Front View of drawings
  3. How to start and stop the simulations
  4. How to use the slider to control the simulation
  5. Simulations and physics modeling – how physics is used to illustrate real world concepts – gravity, motion, momentum, acceleration and deceleration, energy, buoyancy, magnetism
ACTIVITY 3 – Windmill Simulation Part 2
  1. Layers of a drawing – and individual parts – how to turn on and off layers to isolate parts
  2. Zooming, rotating, and panning with individual parts
  3. How to measure and get dimensions in the drawing program
  4. Purpose of gears and how they are used in the windmill
ACTIVITY 4 – Da Vinci Gear Reduction
  1. How the measuring cart works and its purpose
  2. Types of gears
  3. Gear reduction
  4. Robot DNA – how gears have migrated to use in robots
  5. How to capture an animation or video within the simulation
  6. How to attach animation to observations
ACTIVITY 5 – Steam Engine
  1. Converting linear motion to rotary motion
  2. Speed control with governors (What happens to the position of the rotating balls as the speed of the motor increases? What force is causing the balls to move? Centrifugal force is answer)
  3. Robot DNA – governor is a control mechanism to mechanically control speed (How does the governor work? What are some modern devices used to control speed? )
ACTIVITY 6 – Robot Safety
  1. Robot safety environment – size in comparison to robot
  2. Safety devices – interlocks, work envelope, shut off, Emergency stop
  3. Human interaction – common accidents with robots
  4. Robot with uncontrolled motion and using E-stop
  5. Robot knocking over – because of too much load or operating too fast
ACTIVITY 7 – 2 Axis Pick and Place Robot
  1. Demonstrate X,Y Cartesian coordinate system
  2. Basic motion control – locating a particular point
  3. Interacting with objects – picking up objects and moving them
ACTIVITY 8 – 5 Axis Pick and Place Robot
  1. Demonstrate X, Y, and Z in a Cartesian coordinate system
  2. Demonstrate rotation on axis
  3. Interacting with objects – picking up objects and moving them
ACTIVITY 9 –Controlling an Articulated Robot Part 1
  1. Controlling an articulated robot arm
  2. Controlling rotational motion
  3. Recording complex motions
  4. Using different paths to get to the same result
ACTIVITY 10 –Controlling an Articulated Robot Part 2
  1. Working against the clock
  2. Optimizing robot movements
  3. Choosing between paths
  4. Defining motion sequence
ACTIVITY 11 – 5 Axis Pick and Place Robot
  1. Optimizing robot path in programs
  2. Avoiding obstacles in programs
  3. Using parameters in programs
  4. Timing – working against the clock
robot ACTIVITY 12 – Torque
  1. How to measure motor power
  2. Definition of torque demonstrated with weights on a scale and controlling motor to lift the weights
  3. How to be efficient in motor selection - Selecting a motor based on the amount of torque needed for the work to be done
robot ACTIVITY 13 - Conveyor Assembly Line
  1. Sensing position of an object on a conveyor
  2. Coordinating robot movement with sensors
ACTIVITY 14 – Interactive FacBot Training Robot
  1. Operating a FacBot robot with a teach pendant
  2. Learning the functions of the pendant
  3. Loading barrels onto a pallet – material handling example
ACTIVITY 15 – Robot Blocks Activity
  1. Using a robot to pick up blocks, move them, and place in designated area.
  2. Controlling movement plus orientation.
  3. Precision movement.
ACTIVITY 16 – ROV Land Exercise
  1. Controlling a land ROV with a gripper
  2. Picking up objects – controlling the robotic arm
  3. Controlling motion - driving and moving around
  4. How to transport an object
ACTIVITY 17 – ROV Air Exercise
  1. Controlling motion in an air ROV – simulator predator airplane
  2. Using keys to control the motion
ACTIVITY 18 – ROV Underwater Training
  1. Buoyancy and difficulty of controlling motion under water
  2. Controlling motion in an underwater ROV
  3. Obstacle avoidance
  4. Buoyancy and interaction with objects
robot ACTIVITY 19 – Robotic Hand with 5 fingers
  1. Comparing end effectors to human hand
  2. Working with multiple degrees of freedom
  3. Controlling motions of different fingers and how to coordinate motions
  4. Controlling to generate hand gestures - a peace sign, a thumbs up, hand shake, and others
  5. Programming hand to go through a motion sequence
ACTIVITY 20 – Interactive Boe-Bot Training Robot
  1. Controlling motion with a teach pendant
  2. Steering Boe-Bot
  3. Timed Activity
  4. Navigation of a pre-made course
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